Monday, 29 August 2011

Buttons, oh buttons galore!

Ok, so this is just a short post, this was a cake i made for my Home Economics teacher for when we graduated. It was a thank you cake as she had spent SO much time helping our class throughout the year making clothes for our exam. She would be there before school and after to help us with whatever was needed. So she definitely deserved this. 

This is a really rich yet light chocolate cake with a dark chocolate ganache, covered in fondant. The buttons are all hand made without moulds. The Pin cushion is made out of marshmallow rice krispie treats based on her own pin cushion, with gumpaste pins.

Also it does not say GOD, it says JOD in the way she liked to write it. It was her nickname/initials.

Mad as a hatter i am, i am!

So i am finally integrated back into the country, and my hair has been returned to a somewhat acceptable colour (bright purple). While i was away my blue hair was kinda bleached out by all the swimming and sun, till it got to a sort or grey green colour which was not very nice at all! Im really enjoying being back in Ireland but i do miss not being able to walk like 5 feet away from my apartment and get to a beach where my toes wont be frozen off the minute they touch the water!

And i never thought id say it, but i miss Venice!

So, onto the cakes!! This cake was one i made for a mad hatters party. It was quite large and a B**CH to cover, but what can you do! When i was doing this cake it was probably the busiest 2 days iv ever had because i had to finish 3 cakes by friday!  I had made a Mad march hare head for the front but by the time the person i had made it for took a picture (my camera was still broken) it had slipped down a tad :(.  Ah what a shame!

It was made of chocolate biscuit cake and vanilla cake with a chocolate orange ganache, covered in fondant.

Woo I has a new header picture!

Ah well i finally decided on a name for the business, it was a long hard battle with many name-casualties, but finally we got there :D.
So i told my mate and she made me this AMAZING header picture, like WOW !  Im so excited, its like i have a real and proper business! Well ok maybe im not there quite yet... but im working on it :)

Anyways, onto the cake of the day !

This was a cake i was commissioned for. They gave me very litle instructions except for the words BIG, purple and not too flashy or weird. So this was the final product and they were ecstatic! It was so lovely :)

It fed 80 people and was about a foot tall. Please excuse the awful photography, my camera decided to kill itself so i was left with a phone camera. :)

Made of biscuit cake (bottom), Chocolate cake (middle) and vanilla cake (top).  The cakes are supposed to be exploding out of eachother.

Oh Hi!!

Ok so my attempts at blogging are far and inbetween what i would refer to as continual upkeep. But if it helps my case at all i have just returned from Interrailing (Trip around europe by train) and my state exams, so i do have excuses! Pitiful excuses but excuses none the less.

Interrailing was unbelievable! I went to so many great places and saw so many great things and made SO MANY screw up-ish tries at baking when i was away. It turns out that when you don't have a weighing scales, proper ingredients OR a working oven, baking can be quite tricky!

Anyway onto some cake pictures! I have decided to do a post about each cake instead of putting them all up at once.

Ok so this is a weird one to explain. It was a cake for a mate who i decided loved loads of things so they should ALL be on the cake. She was turning 17, a budding photographer, who loved sunflowers and Kanye West (hence the glasses). She called me Toast and I called her Egg Salad. Oh and she also wrote music :D

That wasnt as bad as i thought it would be :)

Cake is chocolate with a dark chocolate ganache and covered in fondant.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Trying something new...

Ok so this is just a short post, not even on cakes but it is food related so whatevs :)

I tried my hand at sushi today, not many will understand what a big thing is for me, i mean im like terrified of fish and everything fish related, i even have some problems with fish sauce and that isnt even made from fish!
I dunno theres something about when u go to the supermarket and their all staring at you and judging you and you feel so awful! Thank god iv never been to a meat processing factory cos i gotta tell ya, i just dont think i could give up chicken!

.... Dear lord i have babbled off the beaten path, back to the story....

Anyways my lovely and all-things-asian obsessed friend Clare came over and we spent a loverly day together. We made proper sticky sushi rice and i made up a secret sauce to fry our many many veggies in and when all that was done we set about the harrowing task of makng seaweed rolls. See me and her were basically going into this blind, so it took a few trys to roll one that was good enough to not fall apart the minute we take our hands off it, but after that we were on a roll (no pun intended, ok maybe a little one)! And we made loads of stuff like Onigiri (basically big balls of rice with a yummy center of your choosing and my special fried rice!!

Twas amazing, so im just recommending to everyone out there on the inter-web to take a day and make sushi with a friend because it is so worth it, and also you kinda feel healthy and awesome when you're eating it =D

Havent i met you somewhere before?

 Ok, so the titles a bit cheesy, but what can i say i love a bit of cheese :P

So this is just a post featuring some of my past cakes, please forgive the state of some of them i was only starting at the time!

 Geddit? ;D.... This was literally my first cake 3 years ago, for a friend who well... REALLY LOVED CHEESE.
Chocolate cake, vanilla frosting and fondant.

Me and my friend have a pact that a year after we finish school we are gonna buy a hippy van and do the England to Australia trip (basically a trip that you drive from england to australia excluding ferries) and then in australia you sell the van and hopefully have enough money for the flight home. We also have a deep and mutual obsession for deathnote, so you can see where this sprang from. :)

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing layers and a vanilla froting with fondant.

We were hardcore joker lovers a bazillion years before Heath Ledger started the craze, not that he did not totally PWN that role... gorgeous gorgeous boy, i think i will never stop loving him which isnt helped by the fact that  "10 things i hate about you" is my favourite movie :P... ANYWAYS! this is a comic book of my friend being kidnapped by the joker so he could throw him a super fun surprise Bday bash =)

Chocolate biscuit cake, chocolate frosting, fondant.

Lets not lie to ourselves, its a Man U shirt!

2 layers,
1: chocolate cake 
2: Biscuit cake....    
 Covered in vanilla frosting and fondant.

Well those were my first years cakes, I was finding my groove.
Ill upload some later ones later on, which i think are a LOT better than these :P


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dawn of a new day.

Well, im a bit new to this whole blogging malarkey, but i thought i should give it a go and add it to the growing list of "first things" of today.

Today is:

  • The first day i am completely free of any impending scholarly duties.
  • My first day with blue hair (very excited about this one)
  • And my first day my word-vomit also known as mindless babble onto the interweb :)

So... a bit about me. My name is Rebecca, I am 18 years old and live in Ireland. I started making cakes because i thought it would be a cheaper way of giving my mates heartfelt birthday presents, i soon found out it wasn't. But from that first day I was hooked, I started trying to make bigger and more complicated cakes, trawling the internet for recipes and watching cake shows to get tips became an addiction ( to which my bloated sky-box and annoyed family can testify to.)
And then people started to talk about them, id find out that a neighbours cousin twice removed had somehow heard about me ( what can i say, Ireland is pretty small) and soon I started to get actual PAYING orders... which was totally crazy!!

And since then i have been puffing away, making cakes when i can around my leaving cert exams (the exams which determine which college i get into) and earning money for going inter railing this summer :D...

And that leaves us off here with a blue haired girl typing on a computer and having fanciful dreams of the future. So thanks for reading my babble. :)