Monday, 27 June 2011

Havent i met you somewhere before?

 Ok, so the titles a bit cheesy, but what can i say i love a bit of cheese :P

So this is just a post featuring some of my past cakes, please forgive the state of some of them i was only starting at the time!

 Geddit? ;D.... This was literally my first cake 3 years ago, for a friend who well... REALLY LOVED CHEESE.
Chocolate cake, vanilla frosting and fondant.

Me and my friend have a pact that a year after we finish school we are gonna buy a hippy van and do the England to Australia trip (basically a trip that you drive from england to australia excluding ferries) and then in australia you sell the van and hopefully have enough money for the flight home. We also have a deep and mutual obsession for deathnote, so you can see where this sprang from. :)

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing layers and a vanilla froting with fondant.

We were hardcore joker lovers a bazillion years before Heath Ledger started the craze, not that he did not totally PWN that role... gorgeous gorgeous boy, i think i will never stop loving him which isnt helped by the fact that  "10 things i hate about you" is my favourite movie :P... ANYWAYS! this is a comic book of my friend being kidnapped by the joker so he could throw him a super fun surprise Bday bash =)

Chocolate biscuit cake, chocolate frosting, fondant.

Lets not lie to ourselves, its a Man U shirt!

2 layers,
1: chocolate cake 
2: Biscuit cake....    
 Covered in vanilla frosting and fondant.

Well those were my first years cakes, I was finding my groove.
Ill upload some later ones later on, which i think are a LOT better than these :P


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