Monday, 29 August 2011

Woo I has a new header picture!

Ah well i finally decided on a name for the business, it was a long hard battle with many name-casualties, but finally we got there :D.
So i told my mate and she made me this AMAZING header picture, like WOW !  Im so excited, its like i have a real and proper business! Well ok maybe im not there quite yet... but im working on it :)

Anyways, onto the cake of the day !

This was a cake i was commissioned for. They gave me very litle instructions except for the words BIG, purple and not too flashy or weird. So this was the final product and they were ecstatic! It was so lovely :)

It fed 80 people and was about a foot tall. Please excuse the awful photography, my camera decided to kill itself so i was left with a phone camera. :)

Made of biscuit cake (bottom), Chocolate cake (middle) and vanilla cake (top).  The cakes are supposed to be exploding out of eachother.

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