Monday, 27 June 2011

Trying something new...

Ok so this is just a short post, not even on cakes but it is food related so whatevs :)

I tried my hand at sushi today, not many will understand what a big thing is for me, i mean im like terrified of fish and everything fish related, i even have some problems with fish sauce and that isnt even made from fish!
I dunno theres something about when u go to the supermarket and their all staring at you and judging you and you feel so awful! Thank god iv never been to a meat processing factory cos i gotta tell ya, i just dont think i could give up chicken!

.... Dear lord i have babbled off the beaten path, back to the story....

Anyways my lovely and all-things-asian obsessed friend Clare came over and we spent a loverly day together. We made proper sticky sushi rice and i made up a secret sauce to fry our many many veggies in and when all that was done we set about the harrowing task of makng seaweed rolls. See me and her were basically going into this blind, so it took a few trys to roll one that was good enough to not fall apart the minute we take our hands off it, but after that we were on a roll (no pun intended, ok maybe a little one)! And we made loads of stuff like Onigiri (basically big balls of rice with a yummy center of your choosing and my special fried rice!!

Twas amazing, so im just recommending to everyone out there on the inter-web to take a day and make sushi with a friend because it is so worth it, and also you kinda feel healthy and awesome when you're eating it =D

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