Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dawn of a new day.

Well, im a bit new to this whole blogging malarkey, but i thought i should give it a go and add it to the growing list of "first things" of today.

Today is:

  • The first day i am completely free of any impending scholarly duties.
  • My first day with blue hair (very excited about this one)
  • And my first day my word-vomit also known as mindless babble onto the interweb :)

So... a bit about me. My name is Rebecca, I am 18 years old and live in Ireland. I started making cakes because i thought it would be a cheaper way of giving my mates heartfelt birthday presents, i soon found out it wasn't. But from that first day I was hooked, I started trying to make bigger and more complicated cakes, trawling the internet for recipes and watching cake shows to get tips became an addiction ( to which my bloated sky-box and annoyed family can testify to.)
And then people started to talk about them, id find out that a neighbours cousin twice removed had somehow heard about me ( what can i say, Ireland is pretty small) and soon I started to get actual PAYING orders... which was totally crazy!!

And since then i have been puffing away, making cakes when i can around my leaving cert exams (the exams which determine which college i get into) and earning money for going inter railing this summer :D...

And that leaves us off here with a blue haired girl typing on a computer and having fanciful dreams of the future. So thanks for reading my babble. :)

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